Pay as you go only for what you send. No other fees!
Invalids automatically cleaned off your list to improve delivery.
Bring your own list. No charge for unlimited contacts.
Higher delivery to the inbox translates to higher Opens.

*Must be permission-based and CAN SPAM compliant from identified source

Just look at how we compare!

First 10,000 emails sent are free!


*Your lists must be permission-based and CAN SPAM compliant.

Bullseye Features

More Emails to Inbox

Powered by Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), a trusted sender globally.

Faster Delivery

Because Bullseye is built on the AWS infrastructure, delivery is blazing fast.

Disruptive Pricing

Pay just $1 per 1,000 emails sent. No monthly fee. Pay only for what you send.

Worry-free Safety and Security

Secured by 256 bit SSL certificate.
You are safe with us.

Removes Bounces, Opt-outs & Spam Clickers

Automated removal of opt-outs, hard bounces & spam complaints.

Send Now or Schedule For Later.

Send immediately or choose a future date and time and the system will send it for you then.

Personalize & Segment

Increase engagement by personalizing your subject line and/or message by name or other attribute.

Automated A/B Split Testing

Test two versions of subject line or message to a sample of your list. Auto-sends the winner to your full list.

User-friendly with Easy Set-up

You will be able to set up your new Bullseye account at lightening speed. Just a couple of minutes!

Easy to Read Tracking Reports.

Our reports provide metrics for delivered, opens, clicks, bounces and opt-outs. And, you can export the data!

One-click Transitioning Import

The process of moving your list from another sending  platform is easy-peasey with our one-click import.

Segment to Increase Results

Choose your most responsive segments to increase conversions or target by demographics or attributes.

Our Service Partners

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Simple & Fair


Your first 10,000 emails send for FREE!
  • All features available
  • One-time offer when you select Free Trial
  • No credit card required!


$1.00 per 1,000 sent
  • Pay as you go
  • No limit on list size
  • Free Set-up, No other fees


If you send more than 10 million a month, send us a request for custom pricing
  • Pay as you go
  • No limit on list size
  • Free Set-up, No other fees


Questions & Answers

Do I have to subscribe to a plan or agree to a contract?

Absolutely not!  Bullseye is a pay-as-you-go platform. You pay for nothing but the number of emails you choose to send.

How do you bill and how do I pay?

Bullseye use a simple credits model.  You simply purchase the credits you need within your account and our payment system will automatically deduct the number of emails you send from your available balance.  You can reload at any time.  There is no monthly minimum or maximum.  Pay by PayPal or credit/debit card.

How can you offer such low pricing when others don’t?

Because our system is designed with high-volume senders in mind, our disruptive price model will make up for lower prices with higher quantity sends.

Can I send to a list I compiled myself or a purchased list that isn’t opt-in?

Although the U.S. CAN SPAM law does not require lists used for commercial offers to be permission-based, it is a “best practice” and in most cases Email Service Providers require it and we support that.  Exceptions can be made in special non-commercial cases such as with registered voter email lists being sent by bona fide candidates and political committees.  We do enforce CAN SPAM compliance.

If my email campaign generates SPAM complaints? Will you suspend my account?

It is pretty much impossible to avoid spam complaints 100%.  Some recipients hit the SPAM button in an email by mistake.  Others unfortunately hit the SPAM button because they are not interested in that particular email.  But when the complaint level is higher than normal, we do a review of your content and use of best practices. If we find that your email violates our TOS, the CAN SPAM law or other laws–or fails to use best practice guidelines (download here), we will guide you in correcting the problem and will verify this has been done before you resume sending.

What happens if my list has high bounce-backs or gets blacklisted?

In our considerable experience, this means that your list is old and sorely needs an update (email addresses churn at an average industry rate of 2.5%-3% a month).  If you have not used 100% (or any) of your list in awhile and have not re-validated and updated the email addresses, the monthly churn may add up to a significant portion of the list that has become undeliverable.  This can cause blocking by recipient ISPs who will bounce-back (soft bounce) emails without delivering them to the intended recipients.  This can damage your Sender Reputation, even permanently.  If your bounce rate is higher than 5%, we will require that you update and apply hygiene best practices to your list before you resume sending.  We can assist you with these optional, paid services.  If you elect to use another vendor, we will require a test send to a sample of your list to assure the problem has been addressed.  This will help your metrics and will help protect our IP Addresses from blocking that may affect other customers.

What does Bullseye cost?

How does FREE sound? That is what sending your first 10,000 emails will cost!  After that, if you sign-up during our promotional period, you can send for just $1.00 per each 1,000 emails (just $0.001 per email!).  In fact, we will grandfather all customers who sign-up during the promotional period at the existing rate, if we ever increase our pricing. There is no set-up fee, monthly subscription fee or fee based on the size of your list.  We even offer deep discounts for ultra-high-volume customers sending 10 million or more emails per month.

Ready To Get Started?

No Set-up Cost
No contracts
Pay only for number sent as you go
First 10,000 sent FREE
No monthly Fees
Unlimited List Size
*Bring your own list
Sign-up now and lock in promotional rate of just $1.00 per 1,000 you send


*Your lists must be permission-based and CAN SPAM compliant from identified source

About Bullseye is a software as a service (“SAS”) created by email marketers for email marketers—in particular high-volume email marketers.  There is nothing to download or install.  Our software resides “in the cloud”.  Because it was built on top of Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) infrastructure, we piggy-back on Amazon’s excellent sender reputation.  This means higher inbox delivery which in most cases translates to higher opens and clicks.

As a division of American Information Marketing, LLC (“AIM”), we are part of a total digital marketing solution … AIM is well-respected in the space having served such highly regarded clients as Mutual of Omaha, U.S. Navy Reserve, Los Angeles Times, Regence, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Lou Malnati’s Pizzaria chain, The Washington Times, Asuris Northwest Health, Mother Jones, and scores of PACS and political candidates including several U.S. presidential campaigns. In 2015, AIM’s affiliate managed the email operation for The Washington Times deploying nearly 300 million emails and making a major contribution to its first profitable year in three decades following $1 billion in losses.

AIM launched Bullseye to meet its own need for a lower cost, more reliable email deployment solution

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